Le 27 janvier

London Meetup Open Transport

London Connectory
160 Old Street
London EC1V 9BW


As a warm up for Transport Ticketing Global London event, we are happy to organise this first London Open transport Meetup dedicated to Open solutions for transportation ticketing and payment.

We are looking forward to seeing you in London on Monday 27 January at 7:00 pm at The London Connectory (160 Old street)!

As usual, the meetup will take place in two stages (4 to 5 presentations which will be followed by a networking cocktail-dinner to have time to meet and talk together).

1. Pitch of innovative projects, initiatives / mobility: 7:00 pm – 8:15 pm

Is Open Source an answer to Transport Operator’s needs ?

Paulo Barreto, Product Manager, Calypso Networks Association (CNA)

Before joining CNA, Paulo Barreto worked for OTLIS (the PTO consortium responsible for the ticketing system in Lisbon), and was in charge of, among other things, embedded development of the API that all integrators have to integrate with in the Lisbon System. Based on his experience, he will share issues commonly faced by TO regarding managing multiple integrators and the path from having multiple APIs to a single one, which influence the current roadmap of the development of Eclipse Keyple.

The future of Ticketing Interoperability

Christian Senly, Principal Solutions Architect, Cubic

There is a general trend for openness: open APIs, open Payment, open Transit Token, … for good reasons. Providing seamless ticketing user experience while achieving the interoperability and security that are pivotal to large urban mobility solutions require such openness. Opensource SDKs and Keyple in particular play well in this direction. » More information: https://www.cubic.com/solutions/transportation

The Case for Open Data in Public Transport: Challenges

Giles Bailey, Director, Stratageeb Limited

Based on a recently published article in UITP and wider experiences at the TravelSpirit Foundation and TfL, Giles Bailey will provide a brief overview of some of the progress that has been made globally in delivering effective open data for public transport but also some of the more intractable issues that still remain in cities and authorities around the world and the case that addressing these are critical in delivering new mobility. More information: https://asiapacific.uitp.org/case-open-data-public-transport

Key to success for contactless mobile ticketing

Wizway Solutions, Nicole Louvat, Chief Business Development Officer

With mobile NFC technology, Wizway has chosen to meet user expectations: simple, reliable. Relying as much as possible on open standards and applets available will accelerate implementation.

2. Networking / cocktail: 8:15 pm -10:30 pm

Exchanges around a cocktail about the presentations, meet interesting people in the Mobility an Tech industries and relax. Subject could include robotics, IoT, Big Data, mobility services, autonomous car, train, API … And most importantly, get in touch with those who contribute! (developers, startups, innovative companies, data scientists, mobility specialists, researchers, etc.)

Hope to see you in London on Monday, January 27 at 7:00 pm!


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Mon, 27 January 2020
London Connectory